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Assessment Products
Expert Consulting Our family of Assessment Instruments offers a variety of solutions
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Intellectual Capital
Executive Outplacement At The Hunt Group, Inc, we are a leader in Career Transition
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Enterprise GPS
Executive Consulting Performance Management and Sales Development.
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Executive Assessments

Executive Assessment are services that many of the Hunt Group's Partners and Principals are uniquely qualified to deliver. Most are certified executive coaches and certified in the application of the validated assessment instruments and the proprietary Enterprise GPS achitecture we use and facilitate.

Our family of assessment include: TriMetrix HD Job and TriMetrix HD Talent which assesses and measures Behaviors (DISC), Values (Motivators), Acumen (Skill/Potential), and Competencies (Experience) against the specific job model. Watson-Glaser and Raven's Progressive Matrices to assess critical thinking, reasoning, decision making and intelligence which are critical in predicting judgment, problem solving, creativity and more.

These instruments are best in class for selection, succession planning, career development, organization development and executive coaching.

The goal of our assesment center is to provide our clients with a resource that satisfies the majority of their assessments requirements. Assessments are tools that can be used for a variety of applications including:

Position Modeling
Candidate Assessment
Executive Coaching
Training & Development
Personal Development

Great success comes when an individual is properly matched to the requirements of a specific position and environment. Unfortunately, all to often, this is not the case which leads to frustration, slow start up, poor performance, attrition, and lost opportunities. The assessment center enables you to use state-of-the-art tools to build a complete selection process for any position.

The job modeling and selection process can help eliminate many of the pitfalls of hiring in today's complex and competitive market. The tools and process can help you improve candidate selection, job performance, employee satisfaction and on-going results through "personalized" development options and recommendations.

The selection system includes job analysis, position modeling and the use of specialized assessments to help you identify the best possible candidates for any position including sales, customer service, middle management and leadership positions.

The Job profiling tools can be extremely valuable for career planning for individuals who want to choose a career that matches their strength's - where they can excel.

For coaching and development the tools are used to accelerate performance by identifying obstacles and options for personal, partnership & team development.

Consider the advantages:

Better position matching by defining the ideal characteristics for success
Lower attrition, replacement & training costs
More objectivity in hiring decisions
Enhanced Employee satisfaction
A proven way to define needed skills.
Customization using a proven methodology

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Hunt Executive Search Hunt Executive Search is the preeminent supplier of human capital to the Consumer Products and Life Sciences industries. Map Hunt Partners are involved with corporate development and provides merger & acquisition advisory services for either the buyer or the seller.
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