• Executive Search
    Executive Search
    Mastering the Art & Science of Executive Search & Selection
  • Insights
    Executive Assessment
    Deep expertise in applying Assessment Sciences in the realms of Behaviors (DISC),
    Motivators (drivers/values), Acumen (potential/capacity), Competencies (personal skills),
    Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Critical Thinking (IQ/decision quality).
  • Functional Expertise
    Hunt Partners
    Navigating through complicated issues to clearly identify issues, evaluate opportunites and deliver results.
  • Insights
    LeaderShift Architect
    When you have the right partner, with the right tools, you get the right results.

Hunt Group, Inc

Clients engage the Hunt Group as their trusted advisor for pre-hire decision at the CEO and Board level, Private Equity and corporate M&A management due diligence, M&A integration, C-Suite succession, Board effectiveness, organizational performance improvement, senior management performance feedback, and executive development to maximize career success and financial performance.

Author of: Enterprise GPS (Global People System) – Seven Levels of LeaderShift and the LeaderShift Architect.

Executive Search

Deeply connected and engaged personal service, 25 year of expert market mastery and relationships, performance based fee schedule and 2-year guarantee.

Private Equity

Hunt Partners is a Private Equity Intermediary offering advisory services to Private Equity professionals, senior executives and company owners.

E Dossier

Fueling growth with bold strategic insights, execution excellence, expert process, tools, and unrivalled results. Download our e-dossier.

Advisory / Consulting

Board and c-suite advisory and consulting to all aspect of the human capital realm. Linking value creation to talent, delivers sustainable results.

Executive Assessment

Science based, objective, unbiased, executive assessments in the realms of Behaviors, Motivators, Competencies, EQ and Critical Thinking.

Intellectual Capital

Insights, newsletters, articles, videos, blog and more on how leaders can attract, develop, and retain the best talent and deliver maximum results.